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Defective Products That Could Lead to Death

Defective Product Deaths

It seems you can't turn on the news lately without hearing about another product recall. More and more products are reaching the consumer and found to be defective in some way. These products are then recalled because they have caused either a death of serious injury.

Types of Product Defects

There are three possible reasons a product will be found to be defective.

Design. This type of defect happens before the product is even manufactured. One example of a design defect is SUV's. They were designed with a high center of gravity and have known to roll over in certain situations.

Manufacturing. A defect in the manufacturing process will cause some, but probably not all of the products being made to be defective. For example, if the screws or bolts on a lawnmower blade are not properly secured, that blade could fly off and cause serious injury or death. However the other lawnmowers manufactured at the same time could be found to be fine with no defects at all.

Marketing. A marketing defect occurs when the product itself is not defective, but proper instructions, guidelines, and/or warnings are not properly conveyed to the consumer. There could possibly be many people held responsible for this type of defect. From the marketing department hired by the manufacturer, to the storeowner who promoted the product.

Some Common Defects In the News

Children's Products. Lead found in children's toys have been in the news for a few months now. Most of these toys are manufactured in other countries, and lead has rarely been found in toys made in the USA.

To protect you and your children, you may want to purchase only toys manufactured in the United States, and take advantage of free lead testing programs in your area.

Children's car seats, and cribs can also be defective. Car seats, if not properly made and the parents provided with adequate instructions for installing them, can pose a potential threat for your children. In addition, some cribs have been found to have the bars too far apart and the baby's head is getting stuck and causing strangulation.

To protect yourself, call your local police department to see if they have a car seat check service. Many police departments offer a free service to insure car seats are installed properly.

When selecting a crib for your baby, buy one with the bars as close together as possible to make sure your baby cannot accidently get its head stuck between the bars.

Cars. Over the years there have been many recalls from automobile manufacturers for defective products. These defects could range from defective seat belts, door latches, air bags, etc.

Tools and Machines. Lawn mowers, power tools, and farm equipment can all have a defect that causes serious injury or death. Make sure you follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and warnings to help protect yourself.


There are many types of products that can be defective and either injure or kill you or a member of your family. If one of your loved ones has been killed by a product you feel was defective in some way, you may want to contact a qualified product liability attorney to see if you are able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or other people who were involved with this product.

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